If you don't have an account yet


 Follow this link to see schedules/drop-ins: https://nrrm.perfectmind.com/23857/Clients/BookMe4?widgetId=4262a374-62a4-4b17- a7ab-8f4b559af972

If you’re ready to create an account, go to https://nrrm.perfectmind.com and click the Create an Account link at the bottom

 If you do have an account


Log into PerfectMind using your email address. If you forgot your password, contact customer service at

250.774.2541 option 1 for assistance – please don’t create a new user id.


Select the BookMe –> Schedule dropdown button at the top:


Now follow the steps below.

 Click on Facility Drop In under Select an Activity.


Click the activity (Swimming in this case) under Service on the left. 


 Select the date and time of the swim you want to register for and click the REGISTER button on the right for more information

To CONFIRM your registration, click the REGISTER button on the top right and follow the instructions. (You will need to have a PerfectMind account to register – Create an Account.)