The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality is committed to a high quality of life for residents and is striving to provide a safe, secure and welcoming community which is reflective of the diverse identity of the region.
NRRM's Commitment 

As the Northern Rockies continues working towards becoming more welcoming, we are aware that being accessible and inclusive means responding to the unique and changing needs of our diverse community. We are eager to hear about experiences and obstacles you’ve faced that would assist in understanding what inclusion and accessibility means and looks like for residents and visitors to the NRRM.
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In committing to accessibility and inclusivity, the NRRM has implemented various features to accommodate a wide range of needs. Our website adheres to web accessibility standards, incorporating alt tags for images, providing closed captioning for videos, and employing clear and concise language to enhance readability. 

At the core, we believe that accessibility and inclusion go hand in hand. By prioritizing these principles, the NRRM strives to break down barriers and foster an environment where all users can participate fully. The NRRM is dedicated to maintaining an open dialogue, continuously learning, and evolving to ensure the community remains a place that champions accessibility, celebrates diversity, and promotes inclusivity for everyone.

NRRM's Accessibility and Inclusion Committee (AIC)

The Northern Rockies Regional MunicipalityFort Nelson Public Library and School District No. 81 recruited community members with lived and learned accessibility experience to join the new Northern Rockies Accessibility and Inclusion Committee (AIC). 

The AIC works to identify, prevent and eliminate barriers within our region in support of new regulations to make B.C. more inclusive for people with disabilities. As per this legislation, the AIC must include members who identify as having a visible or invisible disability; and/or represent organizations that serve people with disabilities; and those who represent the diversity of British Columbia, including Indigenous people. 

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Northeast British Columbia Accessibility Committee

The Northeast British Columbia Accessibility Committee provides a consistent approach to accessibility for people with disabilities living, working, and exploring Northeast BC.  The Committee is compromised of staff representatives from nine member communities as well as people living in the region that have disabilities and/or work with organizations that serve people with disabilities.

The Committee was created to assist partnering organizations to implement requirements of the Accessible British Columbia Act. By participating in the Committee, member local governments will be in compliance with the Act. A regional approach was selected to foster collaboration and cooperation, sharing and pooling of resources, and avoiding duplication of work.

Call for Submissions: Logo Design Contest

The Northeast BC Collaborative Accessibility Committee (Northeast Accessibility) is excited to announce a logo design contest!  They are seeking creative individuals to submit their designs for their official logo.  

 Terms of Reference

Competition Form

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Current Project!

Northern Rockies Regional Municipality is planning major accessibility improvements to Art Fraser Memorial Park and Andy Bailey Regional Park.  (NRRM Projects and Initiatives)

The Government of Canada’s award to the Northern Rockies Parks & Trails Active Mobility Study of $50,000 was used to undertake site surveys, public engagement, and community consultation in preparing concept plans highlighting major accessibility improvements and new accessible pathways around Art Fraser Community Park and Andy Bailey Regional Park. Community engagement sessions and park assessments in the summer 2022 have informed draft concept plans. Andy Bailey Regional Park and Art Fraser Memorial Park Concept Designs

Through the Northern Rockies Parks and Trails Active Mobility Study and ongoing Park Improvement Projects the NRRM is investing in community well-being. Enhancements and upgrades to these parks will open more opportunities for diverse and inclusive participation in community and regional spaces. Community engagement throughout the Study was key in understanding barriers and opportunities for participation in healthy lifestyles in the NRRM. See the full NRRM Parks and Trails Active Mobility Study here: Summary Report[1]


Concept Images:

Park concept image