The NRRM's expansive territory includes many geographic characteristics making it a great place to live, work and play.

Though winters are long and summers short, hot weather causes forests to dry out quickly, creating an increased risk for wildfire. Residents become more impacted by wildfire where development and nature meet.

Community Wildfire Protection Plan

The Municipality is taking active steps to protect the community from wildfire.

Take a look at the NRRM's Community Wildfire Protection Plan, a strategic wildfire prevention initiative. Prepared by a licensed professional forester, the Plan contains information about wildfire risk based on assessments to:

  • Identify the risk areas within the proposed plan boundaries in the vicinity of Fort Nelson for interface fires.
  • Identify risks of wildland interface fires within and adjacent to Fort Nelson.
  • Develop strategies to reduce the risk of wildfire to homes, other infrastructure in the core community and the rural community surrounding Fort Nelson, and
  • Outlines an action plan to implement the identified measures

firesmart tips poster

Get FireSmart

Managing wildfire risk begins at home. By taking action today and creating a FireSmart property, you can dramatically increase the resistance of your home and property to damage caused by wildfire. The best part is, it's surprisingly easy to do.

Changes made to the area closest to your home, and your home itself, have the greatest potential to reduce the risk of wildfire damage. Here are a few examples of FireSmart activities:

  • Cleaning gutters of organic debris;
  • Trimming tree branches to two meters above ground;
  • Keeping your grass neatly cut;
  • Raking up piles of dried needles and leaves;
  • Removing firewood from within ten meters of your home.

Fore more wildfire tips, check out the FireSmart BC Homeowner's Manual.


Watch FireSmart BC's top tips to create a FireSmart property.

Report All Fires

Residents and visitors are reminded to be extremely cautious, especially when burning. If you see any suspicious smoke or flames, report all fires immediately by dialing 911.

Report fires located outside Fort Nelson to the BC Wildfire Service by dialing 1-800-663-5555 or *5555 on a cell phone.

Wildfire Updates

Check the BC Wildfire Service's current fire danger rating and forecast. The BC Wildfire Service assesses specific wildfire threats based on weather patterns and environmental conditions. For information on current wildfires, bans and restrictions, visit the BC Wildfire Service's website.