Report a Concern

Report an animal at large, barking dog, aggressive dog, a dog bite or a lost dog

Animal Control Patrol Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, Tuesday - Friday with on-call service during the same hours on Saturdays. Excluding statutory holidays, messages from after hours will be monitored and returned the next business day. On-call for emergencies only after hours and on Sunday/Monday, with messages deemed an emergency will receive a call back outside of service hours.
P: 250.775.0048  |  E:

Report an animal control EMERGENCY, such as a human-animal conflict

RCMP – Northern Rockies Detachment
Call 911

Report an incident of animal cruelty/abuse

SPCA Animal Cruelty Reporting Hotline

Report human-wildlife conflict or poaching

Conservation Officers respond to conflicts with dangerous wildlife where there is a risk to public safety. Examples of these situations include responding to attacks, bears breaking into buildings, repeated dangerous wildlife encounters at or near public locations, and situations where dangerous wildlife has become habituated (no longer afraid of humans) or food conditioned (dependent upon human provided foods) and now present a risk to public safety. Learn more about reporting/avoiding human-wildlife on our Living with Wildlife webpage.

BC R.A.P.P. (BC Report a Poacher or Polluter)

The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality Bylaw Enforcement department promotes the health and safety of people, pets and animals living together in the community by offering services:

  • Picking up stray dogs that are lost, returning them to their owners or delivering them to the contracted pound service provider to be cared for while searching for the owner
  • Responding to public safety concerns involving an animal endangering the safety of the public
  • Pro-actively patrolling the community for any animal-related bylaw violations
  • Providing licensing information and dog tags
  • Promoting education and responsible pet ownership through the enforcement of Northern Rockies Regional Municipality bylaw and other related laws

Dog Licensing

If your dog gets lost, a licence is your dog's ticket home. Bylaw Enforcement Officers can quickly identify your dog and return him/her to you. All dogs over the age of eight (8) weeks living within the Fort Nelson Animal Control boundary are required to wear a current dog tag. We encourage dog owners living out of town that frequently bring their dogs in to Fort Nelson, to purchase one as well. Dog licences can be purchased at the Municipal Office.

animal control area map

Licence Fees

  • $15 spayed/neutered dog*
  • $50 un-spayed/un-neutered dog
  • $5 or $25 senior citizen (human, not dog)
  • $3 replacement tag

 * Please show proof of spay/neuter at time of purchase

Leashing and running-at-large

  • Dogs must not be allowed to run at large
  • Dogs must be leashed when in public

Nuisance dogs

Keep your dog from being a nuisance (barking, chasing people/bikes/cars/other animals)

Pick up after your dog

Pick up and dispose of dog waste from any public or private property

Number of dogs

You can have a maximum of three (3) dogs per household

Responsible guardianship

  • Do not let your dog bite
  • Owners must provide food and water, and a clean, sanitary shelter for their dog
  • Ensure your dog does not cause damage to property or other animals

Animal impoundment

Animals that are impounded are transferred to the contracted pound operator:

Streeper Kennels
P: 250.774.2991

Prohibition of pit bull dogs

Pit bull dogs (Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier or a crossbreed of any of these dogs) are prohibited with the Animal Control Bylaw boundary identified on the map above.