In the Northern Rockies, we live a well-rounded lifestyle. We’re friendly and approachable. It’s in our nature to welcome you and your family warmly. If you are looking for a friendly place to live, backed by an amazing natural playground the Northern Rockies might be for you. 



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Wildlife spotting on the Alaska Highway

British Columbia boasts wildlife viewing possibilities that are not to be believed. The province is home to more than 1,100 different wildlife species and some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world, with viewing opportunities available nearby no matter where you are in the province. Local photographer Ryan Dickie shows us his favourite places to photograph wildlife around the Alaska Highway in British Columbia, Canada.

Regional Health Liaison, Diana Penney

The NRRM created the first Regional Health Recruitment Liaison role in Northern BC. The Liaison works closely with health employers to facilitate the development and coordination of recruitment campaigns including design and marketing approaches, on-site logistical, promotional and community-level supports such as site visits, navigating the housing market, school system and spousal/partner employment options. The position proactively markets the Northern Rockies by participating in major health care conferences, economic development and industry events.

We acknowledge the traditional territories of the Indigenous Peoples of the region including the Dene, Cree, Dunne Tsaa, Tsááʔ C̨hé Ne Dane, Dene Tha’ and Kaska peoples, many of whom are connected through kinship networks, and the enduring presence of the Métis community all of which have historic, cultural and long-standing connections to the land base in northeast British Columbia.


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