The Regional Development and Planning department is responsible for building, zoning, development applications, subdivisions (including rural subdivisions) and other land-use related activities. 

If you're interested in commercial/industrial development, you can find more information at our Invest Northern Rockies website.

When Do I Need a Building Permit?

See our guide, When Do I Need a Building Permit? for examples of when a building permit is required.

If you are uncertain if a permit is required prior to making changes to your property or buildings, please contact the Regional Development and Planning department at 250.774.2541 Option 8. We always suggest arranging an appointment with the Development and Planning team before the start of any project so you can be well informed on all the requirements necessary to complete your project successfully – we’re here to help!

Below is information relating to common projects requiring building and development permits and some tips to help determine if a permit is needed.

Building a New Home?

The following applications are required:

Building a Deck?

Is it over 10 metres squared? Is it over 2 feet off the ground? If you answered yes to either of these you will need a Simple Building Permit.

Building a Shed or Shop?

Is it over 10 metres squared? Considering a slab or grade foundation? If the foundation 55 metre squared or larger sealed engineered drawings will be required.  If you answered yes to either of there you will need a Simple Building Permit.

When Do I Need a Building Inspection?

There are several points during construction when it is important to arrange an inspection. Click the button below to find out more on our "When Do I Need an Inspection?" webpage.

When and How to Arrange Inspections

Permit Applications and Guides

Type of Permit Guide / Resource* Application

* Not all permits have an accompanying guide or resource

Building Permit


When Do I Need a Building Permit? Simple Building Permit Complex Building Permit

Demolition Permit


Guide to the Demolition Process Demolition Permit

Development Permit (DP)

Specific areas of Fort Nelson have been designated as Development Permit (DP) Areas in the Official Community Plan.  A Development Permit application is required:

  • To subdivide, build, add to or alter a building, structure, or land located within a DP area identified in the Official Community Plan.
  • To significantly amend an existing DP
  • When Council determines that your development proposal requires a DP
Development Permit

Development Variance Permit (DVP)

A Development Variance Permit (DVP) is a tool used by municipalities to vary the provisions of a bylaw. A DVP describes a specific change in regulations for a property, such as yard setbacks, lot dimensions, parking spaces, signage, subdivision servicing requirements or mobile home park siting.

Development Variance Permit

Driveway Access Permit

A Driveway Access Permit is required for the installation of a driveway.

Driveway Access Permit

Fuel Burning Appliance Permit

A Fuel Burning Appliance Permit is required prior to the construction or alteration of a fireplace, chimney or solid fuel burning appliance unless the work is included in a Building Permit.

Fuel Burning Appliance Permit

Moving Permit Fees

A Moving Permit is required for the relocation of any building or structure.

Moving Permit

Plumbing Permit

A Plumbing Permit is required to construct, repair or alter a plumbing system.

Plumbing Permit

Rezoning or OCP Amendment

Rezoning is the process of changing the zoning of a property. A property owner may request a change in their parcel’s zoning to obtain a use or density that is not permitted under the present zoning. If the rezoning application is inconsistent with the Official Community Plan or the Rural Official Community Plan, an OCP Amendment is also required.

NRRM Zoning Bylaw

NRRM Rural Zoning Bylaw
Rezoning or Official Community Plan Amendment

Sign Permit

A Sign Permit is required for the placement, reconstruction, moving, alteration, or repair of a sign.

Guide to Sign Permits Sign Permit

Street Naming and Civic Addresses

The street name and civic address processes are governed by Street Name and Civic Address Bylaw  No. 189, 2021. This guide includes a Street Naming Application, Street Renaming Application and Address Assignment/Re-Assignment forms.

Guide to the Street Name and Civic Address Processes


Subdivision is the process of altering legal property boundaries. It usually involves the dividing of a property into smaller parcels of land, the realignment of existing property lines or the consolidation of one or more properties into a single parcel. The Local Government Act, Land Title Act and the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality Zoning Bylaw and the Subdivision and Development Services Bylaw regulate the subdivision of land.

Subdivision Process Guide  

Temporary Use Permit (TUP)

A Temporary Use Permit (TUP) is a permit that allows a land use not permitted by current zoning. It is not a substitute for an application to rezone a property and is intended to allow for a specific activity for a limited time only.

NRRM Zoning Bylaw

NRRM Rural Zoning Bylaw

Temporary Use Permit

Utility Connection Application

A Utility Connection Application is required for a water connection, sewer connection, water turn on or turn off.

Utility Connection


Permit Fees

Basic Building Permit Fees

$75 for the first $10,000 in construction value plus $5 per $1000 for all construction value exceeding $10,000 $75 for first $10,000

Plan Processing Fees

Standard Buildings $125

Complex Buildings $250

Building Permit Fee

If Construction Commenced Without Building Permit and A Stop Work Notice Was Issued:

Double the permit fees to a maximum of $500 Maximum $500

Civic Address Change Application Fee


Plumbing Permit Fees

Permit Fee $50

Additional Fee per Plumbing Fixture $5

Fire Sprinkler Permit Fees

Permit Fee $50

Additional Fee per Sprinkler Head $0.50

Demolition Permit Fees

Basic Fee $50

Moving Permit Fees

Basic Fee $50

Solid Fuel Burning Appliance Permit

Basic Fee $75

Re-Inspection Fee

After two inspections due to non-compliance $75 per additional inspection

Security Deposit


Street Name Change Application Fee