Official Community Plan (OCP) Update 

Thank you, everyone! Our community engagement journey has come to a close, and we're immensely grateful for your participation, ideas, and passion. Stay tuned for updates on next steps! 🌟 

OCP Engagement Hub

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Objectives of Official Community Plan

Since the adoption of NRRM Official Community Plan in 2011, the community has undergone significant changes, and an update is required to bring the OCP up to date to address current issues and the community’s needs and to align with updated legislation.  Shortly after project initiation, new changes to provincial legislation (Bill 44-2023) also affirmed the need for an update to the OCP.

The OCP update is anticipated to be completed by the end 2024.

OCP Timeline

What is an OCP? Why does it need to be updated?
  • An OCP establishes the long-term community vision, goals and policies used to guide Council decisions on how land is used and developed
  • An OCP contains policies to guide decisions on land use and planning and development matters
  • The OCP is a community document that requires the input from the community members when it is time to renew the plan
  • It is important that the visions, goals, and objectives are reviewed to ensure they reflect current community values and needs
  • Engagement can inform how land is used and developed, and to identify the social, environmental and economic priorities for the next 20 years
  • An OCP can inform the municipal budget process and applications for grant funds from other levels of government and agencies.
How is an OCP developed?

OCPs are reflective of long-term vision and the values of the community and are developed with input from the community. The vision, goals, and objectives are evaluated during the development process to ensure that they are achievable.

Input is also gathered on technical matters from across the NRRM administration, First Nations, local government agencies like the school district, provincial ministries and agencies and community planning consultants.

Public Engagement Opportunities

There are three distinct stages of the process where several public engagement opportunities exist to provide input and feedback informing the updated vision, goals, and policies of the draft OCP. Below is what you can expect of the project timeline and the purpose of each engagement stage.

A dedicated engagement portal will be made available on this page in late February 2024 to host all engagement information, documentation, and notices about activities where you can provide your inputs on the OCP.

Throughout the engagement process NRRM will relay project announcements and updates on social media and this web page. Residents are encouraged to subscribe to any of our social media accounts to stay updated on upcoming engagement opportunities, progress, and project reporting. 

Engagement Timeline

Engagement Phase 1: Visioning (March 2024)

Input from the community will be collected to identify common visions, goals, and objectives. The following activities will be available for public input:

    • Online Survey
    • Interactive mapping in person and online
    • Community workshop hosted at the recreation centre
    • Kitchen Table workbooks
    • Photo contest
    • Other events may be scheduled as we move into the project – stay tuned!

Engagement Phase 2: Draft OCP Review (June 2024)

A draft OCP will be presented for public review and feedback. The following opportunities will be made available:

    • Community workshop hosted at the recreation centre
    • Online survey and feedback form
    • Other events may be scheduled as we move into this part of the project – stay tuned!

Engagement Phase 3: Revised OCP Review (September/October 2024)

The draft OCP will be revised according to collected feedback from June and presented again to confirm that the revisions are reflective of the collected feedback.  A online survey will be made available.

Who is involved?

Various levels of input are required to inform the OCP update. This ensures a broad representation of interests and perspectives to be reflected in the OCP. The following groups will be vital to the development of the updated OCP: 

  • Advisory Committee –They will provide input on the project deliverables as representatives of the larger community.       
  • Residents and Businesses – will be able to provide input through the surveys, workshops, various activities listed through the engagement portal, as well as the public hearing. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions to City staff and our consultant.
  • Municipal staff – provides technical input on current experience with the OCP and information on public facilities and municipal servicing to assist with the update.
  • Council –are final decision makers that inform the OCP and approve the update.
  • Consultant – NRRM has hired a consultant (McElhanney Ltd.) to assist with the OCP update. The role of the consultant will be to facilitate engagement events and listen to the input and incorporate it in the updated OCP. They will also prepare the draft OCP document and provide professional advice and exercise due diligence to ensure that the updated OCP is prepared in accordance with the provincial legislation
OCP Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes
February 21, 2024 Minutes