How do I join a meeting using Zoom?
NOTE: Pre-registration is not required, however you may be required to provide your name and email address when attending the webinar.
 Visit the Zoom website
Visit and either sign-up for a free Zoom account or continue as a guest.
 Download the Zoom desktop or mobile app
Download the Zoom software on your personal computer or download the mobile app to your smart phone or tablet.
 Install the downloaded app
Install the downloaded Zoom software and you are ready to participate in the meeting. 
 Join the Council meeting

Please click the link below to join the Council meeting:

Join Zoom Webinar ID 816 2689 9248


How can I provide public comment or ask a question?

Near the beginning of Regular Regional Council meetings, a Public Comment Period is available to attendees, or toward the end of the meeting, questions may be asked during the Public and News Media Question and Answer Period. Special Regional Council meetings do not allow for open question/comment from the public at the present time. If you wish to speak, once the Mayor has announced the Public Comment Period or the Public and News Media Question & Answer Period, please do the following:

  1. Click on the “Raise Hand” feature in the webinar control panel to notify the moderator that you would like to address Council.
  2. The moderator will unmute your microphone when it is your turn to ask your question.
  3. A prompt will appear to confirm you would like to be unmuted - once you accept the prompt, your microphone will be live.
  4. Please state your name and ask your question.
  5. Once your question has ended, you will be muted again.

Please remember that, in alignment with the NRRM Regional Council Procedure Bylaw, the following guidelines apply:

  • Direct your question/comment directly to the mayor who should be addressed as Mayor <last name> or Your Worship
  • Only pose questions directly related to business listed on the agenda.
  • Please keep questions brief and concise.
  • News media will be given priority to address Council.
I don't want to participate live in the meeting by asking my question over Zoom. Can I submit my question another way for a response?
Certainly. Please submit your questions or comments via email.
I am having difficulties preparing for the meeting and learning Zoom, are there resources to help me?
Yes, please visit Zoom’s website support page for helpful tips to prepare for the meeting: