Every year the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality reviews and approves a budget that sets the tax rates to fund important services to the community. This process includes the opportunity for you to provide feedback on how your tax dollars are collected and spent.

chart displaying budget calendar timeline

Budget Timeline
The Northern Rockies uses a phased approach to the budget process, providing a preliminary budget for review and comments to help shape the final budget document which, once approved, is used to set tax rates and municipal service levels for the community.
Departmental Budgets
Each department creates operational budgets and capital plans based on anticipated activities and strategic plan priorities, also accounting for expected expenses and estimated revenues.
Preliminary Budget Development
Finance compiles all the departmental budgets to build the draft or preliminary budget and ensure consistency with the strategic plan.
Preliminary Budget Review Meetings
Council holds meetings that are open to the public to review the preliminary budget.  Council also meets with individual cultural groups to view their budget presentations.
Public Open House
Council seeks comment and feedback by the public on the preliminary budget. 
Final Budget Meeting(s)
After any revisions that are requested based on public feedback and Council priorities, a final version of the budget is prepared for adoption.
Financial Plan and Bylaws Adopted
The final budget determines the amount of property tax requisitioned and in turn forms the basis for property tax rates, which are adopted annually by bylaw on or before May 15.