Downtown Revitalization Plan

Regional Council approved the Downtown Revitalization Plan at the October 10, 2023 Council meeting with the expectation that future projects and initiatives stemming from this plan come back to council for review prior to implementing. 

This plan intends to support long-range goal-setting, visioning and planning to improve the downtown’s livability and increase its attractiveness to new businesses, residents, and tourists. The Fort Nelson Downtown Revitalization plan breaks recommendations into three overarching concept objectives:

  • Non-Motorized Circulation including multi-use paths, pedestrian crossings, connectivity and downtown sidewalks;
  • Public Realm Enhancements including developing a community theme/identity, community gathering space, trees and landscaping, way-finding and interpretive signage, public art, and development and maintenance.
  • Vehicular Circular including intersection improvements, downtown streets, parking and vehicular way-finding signage.
Photo Gallery: Downtown Revitalization will appear here on the public site.

View the Downtown Revitalization Plan and Appendices (June 2023).