General Local Government (or Municipal) Elections in BC are held every four years on the third Saturday in October. The next general local election will be Saturday October 15, 2022.

Municipal and Provincial elections elect officials for offices in two different types of government in Canada. Each of the two election administrations is governed by separate pieces of legislation. The following is a general summary of which offices are elected at each level of government:

Local Government/Municipal Election:

There is no political party association at this level of government. As an eligible elector of the municipality, you elect:

Northern Rockies Regional Municipal Council

A Mayor

Six (6) Regional Councillors

School District No. 81 Board

Five (5) School Board Trustees

Provincial Election:

Electors will elect a candidate, who may or may not represent a political party, for their electoral riding (district). The elected candidate will become your Member of Provincial Parliament. In general terms, the party leader of the political party that wins the greatest number of seats during the election, will become the Premier of the Province. Visit: Elections BC for more information.

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NOTE: Elections BC is responsible for the administration of the campaign financing, disclosure and third party advertising rules under the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act.