2022 Ntl. Indigenous Persons day Poster

June 21st is National Indigenous Peoples Day.

This is a day to recognize and celebrate the cultures, traditions, languages and heritage of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples.

NRRM Mayor and Council join Indigenous Peoples from across the region including the Dene, Cree, Dunne Tsaa, Tsááʔçhé ne dane, Dene Tha’, Kaska and Métis Peoples in celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day. We encourage all residents to take part and celebrate!

Fort Nelson First Nation welcomes all to attend events being organized on June 21st. Events will include a drum dance, culture activities, vendor booths and more! Celebrations will take place at the Nation’s main community, which is located south of Fort Nelson at Mile 295 on the Alaska Highway.

What’s more, swimming will be free of charge on June 21st at the Recreation Centre thanks to the generous support of Fort Nelson First Nation! We welcome you to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day by spending time with friends and family at the Recreation Centre or at Fort Nelson First Nation.

Indigenous Communities within the Region

The Northern Rockies encompasses the traditional meeting grounds, gathering places and traveling routes of several Indigenous communities. These groups include Acho Dene Koe First Nation, Dene Tha’ First Nation, Doig River First Nation, Fort Nelson First Nation, Kaska Nation, Prophet River First Nation and the Métis community. As a priority, the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality is committed to developing long-term, meaningful relations with neighbouring Indigenous communities through continued recognition of their distinct cultures and histories. We acknowledge that the NRRM is well-positioned to build partnerships with Indigenous communities based on rights, respect and co-operation to advance reconciliation.

We look forward to celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day with you!

2022 Ntl. indigenous Peoples Day Handgames poster