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From now on, you can find our news in these places;

  • NorthernRockies.caOur website holds essential information on all public notices, events and projects, news releases, and emergency services. Here you can find a wealth of information on the Municipality and your community. You can also subscribe to get an email on your specific topics of interest such as Advisories and Public Notices, Legal Notices, Public Message, Careers, Engagement Opportunities, Media Releases, Newsletter, Northern Rockies Regional Recreation Centre, Bid Opportunities, Road Closures and Construction, Tourism. Simply fill out your information and hit subscribe https://www.northernrockies.ca/subscribe/
  • Facebook/NorthernRockiesRM – Here we share information off our website and other important information from organizations such as BC WildFire and BC Hydro.
  • The Bear Pit Newsletter - A bi-weekly email subscription that highlights Council meeting information and also notices for things such as public hearings, planning and development matters, and disposal of municipal property.
  • Mail Outs – For information that is in-demand or high profile, the NRRM will use Canada Post to distribute material to residents.