BC Hydro Facebook post
As you can see (or hardly see) our skies are filled with smoke again. 🔥
From recent events we learned that smoke can affect our current power system due to clogging of filters. In the occasion of an extended power outage of more than 8 hours, BC Hydro has installed a temporary mobile generator that can provide power to some essential facilities and services. (Hospital, Grocery Stores, Emergency Services).
Things to note:
- Mobile generation is intended to provide power to essential services – not to replace a community’s normal energy source.
- During the transfer of power facilitation time, there will not be power.
- Residences and businesses outside the powered area will continue to require portable generators to have power during outages.
- Maintenance of power system/filters may cause short-planned power outages. Keep up to date at BC Hydro Outages 
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- View the smoke forecast at FireSmoke.ca 
- Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (you found us!) NRRM Facebook
- BC Wildfire Service – visit their dashboard with maps!
- EmergencyInfoBC (Province of BC) 
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