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October 5, 2022




Northern Rockies Shows Leadership in Health Recruitment

FORT NELSON, B.C. – The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM) today announced the creation of two major initiatives to attract and retain health care providers to the region.


The Recruitment, Retention and Training Initiative (RRETI) program will provide direct cash and indirect incentives to eligible health care professionals coming to the Northern Rockies. Incentives are available for physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, paramedics and allied health professions such as medical lab technicians and diagnostic imaging technicians. The program includes one-time or escalating financial incentives in addition to transportation, housing and settlement supports. An added feature of RRETI is funding for residents seeking health care careers and reimbursement for existing health care providers who undertake additional training and return to the region.


The second initiative is the creation of a Regional Health Recruitment Liaison in the Northern Rockies. This unique position will directly engage with potential applicants and refer leads to health employers, manage the RRETI program, and provide navigation and expertise about community resources to help newly arriving health professionals and their families settle into the community. Additionally, the Liaison will work closely with health employers, such as Northern Health and BC Emergency Health Services, ensuring a valued, community focused perspective to help design and implement health recruitment campaigns and coordinate campaigns across multiple employers to find efficiencies and improve chances of success.


“These two new programs clearly demonstrate that the NRRM is serious about its commitment to ensure equitable access to health services for residents of the Northern Rockies”, said NRRM Mayor Gary Foster. “Healthy and vibrant communities require strong, local health care services. The NRRM is taking these steps to make sure citizens in the Northern Rockies can access the services they need”, said Foster.


“We value our long-standing partnership with the Northern Rockies and thank them for their leadership and willingness to work collaboratively with us. These two new programs represent the Northern Rockies’ strong commitment to working in partnership to attract and keep health care providers in the region”, said Cathy Ulrich, CEO, Northern Health Authority.


Following the Province of British Columbia’s September 29th announcements related to health workforce strategy implementation, investments in education, training, and expanding the scope of practice for certain health care providers, local efforts such as those of the Northern Rockies can only amount to incremental improvements in health service delivery over time. The new RRETI program and the Regional Health Recruitment Liaison are two key initiatives in the NRRM’s Regional Health Advocacy Strategy developed and endorsed by Regional Council in 2021. The NRRM will continue moving forward with additional priorities identified in the Strategy, including understanding the challenges, finding opportunities, and developing programs to help residents who must travel to access health care services not available locally.





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