February 8, 2024



Emergency call boxes are now in operation in the Northern ­­­­Rockies


Fort Nelson, BC February 8, 2024 – The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality is excited to announce that five (5) roadside emergency call boxes along the Alaska Highway (Highway 97) have been installed and are operational.

Since the confirmation of funding in August 2022, the NRRM continued to work with telecom service providers, Indigenous communities, and other levels of government to encourage the finalization and installation of the call boxes.  Since 2017, the Province of B.C. has invested $584 million to expand high-speed internet services to underserved rural and First Nations communities by 2027. The goal is to ensure every community has better access to jobs, education, training, and health care.  

“We are very excited to announce this huge accomplishment for the NRRM. It's incredible how technology continues to break barriers and bring people together, and this is a prime example of that. It’s a long overdue project but we are proud to say that now with funding and this technology, we can offer more safety to everyone using Highway 97.” said Rob Fraser Mayor of the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality. “These emergency call boxes are an essential asset to all of us; being a stepping stone to the province’s ultimate goal of having a more connected province. I can't wait to see the positive impact this will have on the people, workers, businesses, and travellers in the area.”

This project was jointly funded by the NRRM contributing approximately $12,000, and by the Province of B.C. through the Connecting British Columbia program, administered by Northern Development Initiative Trust, contributing up to $107,000 (90%) of the total project cost of $119,000. Under this plan, residents, travellers, and workers will benefit from increased access to 9-1-1 emergency services. These weatherproof, solar-powered call boxes are programmed to dial 9-1-1 via satellite as these remote locations do not offer infrastructure to support WiFi or cell-based services.

“Increasing public safety on major routes like the Alaska Highway corridor is critically important to ensure people feel safe when travelling,” said Lisa Beare, Minister of Citizens' Services. “Now that these call boxes are installed, people will have more access to the emergency services they need when they need them.”


“I applaud the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality for working hard to expand 9-1-1 access after the service was established in the area in 2021,” said Joel McKay, Chief Executive Officer of Northern Development Initiative Trust. “The emergency call box project aligns well with the goals of the Economic Recovery Intake stream of the Connecting British Columbia program as it expands connectivity along a rural highway route in northeastern B.C. The installation of 9-1-1 call boxes in five strategic locations along the Alaska Highway is a cost-effective way to improve the safety of all those who live in the region and those who travel along this iconic route.”

Although these call boxes do not cover all areas of the NRRM, work continues to encourage the expansion of broadband and cell infrastructure along major transportation routes in the Municipality and in rural Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities situated within the Northern Rockies. The hope is that with time, there will not be a single resident, traveler, or worker out of communication options.


The strategic placement of these satellite phones will significantly increase public safety through improved access to 9-1-1, saving valuable time in case of an emergency. All road users have the security of help and communication along the 500 km stretch where there was once no opportunity to contact emergency services other than driving to the next service centre. The call boxes are installed at designated pullout locations adjacent to the Alaska Highway between Prophet River and Fort Nelson, and Fort Nelson and the Yukon border.

Site 1 – South of Fort Nelson between Fort Nelson and Prophet River.

Site 2 – Across from the Summit Lake Campground at Stone Mountain Provincial Park.

Site 3 – North of the community of Toad River.

Site 4 – Across from the Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park.

Site 5 – North of the community of Fireside.

How to Use:

In an emergency situation, locate the nearest call box as directed by signage along the Alaska Highway. Push the button on the front of the call box to call 9-1-1. There might be a thirty second delay for satellite connection. When the operator answers, state the call box number where you are located. This information can be found on the front of the call box. Choose your response option: ambulance, police or fire services. Emergency services will be dispatched accordingly.

The NRRM respectfully requests as with all 9-1-1 services, that the call boxes are utilized for emergencies only - please do not conduct tests.


  • The NRRM is appreciative of the opportunity to work with several agencies throughout the course of the project.
  • The NRRM recognizes the Government of British Columbia for its financial contribution to the project and commitment to fund connectivity infrastructure projects across the province. The support of Honorable Lisa Beare, Minister of Citizens’ Services and senior staff within the Ministry proved invaluable in advancing the project.
  • The NRRM acknowledges Northern Development Initiative Trust for its role in administering the Connecting British Columbia program and in doing so, making connectivity funding available to communities across its service region.
  • The NRRM recognizes the Government of Canada through Public Services and Procurement Canada for its technical support in installing connectivity infrastructure along a federal highway.
  • The NRRM acknowledges the assistance of Glen Miller of POMAX Consulting who brought a wealth of knowledge in developing critical components of the project and who was instrumental in achieving 9-1-1 service that this project builds upon.

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Picture: 911 Call Box located across from Summit Lake Campground at Stone Mountain Provincial Park