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As of January 1, 2021, Home Owner Grant (HOG) applications are processed through the Province of B.C. at OR by calling 1.888.355.2700 (option 3).
NOTE: Home Owner Grants require 24 hours to be processed and appear on your property tax account with the Municipality.
BC Home Owner Grant

Fort Nelson, BC - Property owners in the Northern Rockies can expect to receive their 2023 tax notices in the mail this week as they were mailed May 19. Residents who have previously enrolled in eSend electronic billing should have received their tax notices already as they were emailed on May 18.

Property taxes are not increased proportionately to property value increases. They are calculated based on what is needed to balance the Municipality’s budget for any particular year. For 2022 the Municipality's overall tax demand was $20.88 million. For 2023 it is $22.43 million. General municipal taxation in 2023 will account for approximately 47 per cent of the Municipality’s budget.

2023 NRRM Tax Rates 

To easily access and manage Municipal tax, utility and other invoices in one convenient online location, property owners are encouraged to register for the Municipality’s free eServices at Once registered, property owners can view their assessment value, balance, current and past bills, and financial transaction information—including whether the Home Owner Grant has been applied—online. To register, taxpayers will need their name as it appears on a bill and their tax roll number, which can be found on your tax notice. Users may also pay their bills online through eServices using a credit card only. NOTE: A 1% transaction fee  will be added at the time of your payment to offset credit card processing fees. 

Sign up for online eServices

Unless taxpayers are experiencing a critical issue with their tax notice that cannot be resolved over the phone or through email, the Municipality recommends making payments via the following ways to avoid potential lineups. 

By cheque

  • Using the drop box located outside the main door at the Municipal Office at 5319 - 50 Avenue S.
  • By mailing your cheque to the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality, Bag Service 399, Fort Nelson, BC  V0C 1R0. Post-dated cheques are accepted, however, postmark date is not considered date of payment.

Online or by phone

  • Through online or telephone banking with a financial institution. Reminder: third-party processing can take up to three business days.

Using a credit card

  • Sign up for an NRRM online eServices account. NOTE: A 1% transaction fee  will be added at the time of your payment to offset credit card processing fees. 

Due Date

  • Payments must be physically received by the Municipality by Tuesday, July 4 to avoid a legislated 10 per cent late payment penalty. Postmarks are NOT accepted as proof of payment. Property owners are reminded banks and credit card companies may take up to three business days to process payments.
  • Saturday, July 1 is Canada Day, the statutory holiday will be taken on Monday 3rd. Please plan accordingly.   

If you have a question about your property tax notice, you can get an answer:

In person at the Municipal Office at 5319 - 50 Avenue S. between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday except statutory holidays

By phone at 250.774.2541 extension 2060

By email at


BC Property Tax Deferment Program

If you’re unable to pay your your property taxes this year, you may be able to defer your property taxes if you qualify for one of the following property tax deferment programs:.

  • Regular Program
  • Families with Children Program

Learn more about the BC Property Tax Deferment program including eligibility at