Below you will find a list of the various airlines that fly in and out of the airport either on a schedule or by charter. Central Mountain Air can be contacted to book tickets for their regularly scheduled flights.

Scheduled Airlines

Central Mountain Air 1.888.865.8585

Aircraft Charter/Air Cargo Based in Fort Nelson 

Bailey Helicopters 250.774.3555
Canadian Helicopters 250.774.6171
Highland Helicopters 250.774.6106
Qwest Helicopters 250.774.5302
Villers Air Service 250.774.2072

Charter Airlines Not Based in Fort Nelson 

AirCanada/Jazz  1.902.873.5000 
Air North  1.800.661.0407 
Central Mountain Air 250.774.5279 
Canadian North  1.800.661.1505 
Flair Airlines 1.250.491.5513 
Hawkair  1.800.487.1216 
North Cariboo Air  1.866.359.6222 
Northern Thunderbird Air  1.800.963.9611