Inspections are to be formally requested by the owner or his/her agent. When requesting an inspection please note:

  • 24 hours notice is required prior to any inspection request.
  • All work to be inspected must be complete and ready prior to inspection.
  • Work must not proceed past any of the stages listed without prior clearance by a Building Inspector.
  • Building Permit Number, the address of worksite and the type of inspection being requested is required when booking an inspection.
Inspections are required at the following stages of construction:

Footing Inspection

On completion of formwork prior to pouring concrete

Foundation Inspection

On completion of the formwork for the foundation walls or slab on gradeprior to pouring concrete. Any plumbing that will be buried or under a slab must be inspected prior to being backfilled, including services to lagoons, holding tanks and municipal tie-ins.


Backfill Inspection

On completion of damp proofing, drain tile, and drain rock, PRIOR TO backfilling BEFORE covering any portion of a plumbing system including services


Framing, Plumbing and Electrical Inspection

On completion of structural framing, plumbing, ductwork, electrical rough-ins, fire stopping, bracing, sheathing, chimney, flue connections, but prior to installation of insulation and finishes

Insulation and Vapour Barrier Inspection

On Completion of Insulation and Vapor Barrier. NOTE the R-Value sticker must be facing outward.

Municipal Utilities Inspection

Inspections by the Municipality are required for the connection of services such as water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer to municipal service mains. For new municipal services constructed, a security deposit, works and services Agreement, and necessary approvals may also be required.

Final Inspection

On completion of the building or structure but prior to occupancy