Community Development is deeply connected with economic development, regional planning and social and environmental challenges in an interdependent, complex and ever-changing relationship to improve local well-being. Community Development includes projects related (but not limited) to: Walkability and pedestrian walkways; Community service organizations;  Transportation routes and networks; Parks, trails and recreational areas; Social opportunities and connectedness; Essential utilities; Communications connectivity throughout the entire region; Health resources in the community; Land-use planning


Official Community Plan

The Northern Rockies Official Community Plan (OCP) was adopted on October 24, 2011. Other than changes resulting from incidental amendments, a fulsome review and update of the OCP has not been undertaken. Since development of the OCP, the NRRM has experienced significant changes in economy, industry, and demographics. As the OCP is foundational to most planning projects and regulatory, land-use bylaws, it is essential that policies and objectives contained within, are reflective of the community's vision and are based on a current and practical outlook concerning the future state of the community over the next 20 years.
A review and update of the OCP has commenced and is scheduled to be completed by late 2024. 

“In Fort Nelson we stand at the gateway of the Northern Rockies, located in the hearty of a prosperous and diverse economic region that strives to preserve the integrity of the natural environment.

We are a welcoming, self-reliant and healthy community. We proudly embrace life in our unique northern community and we work to create innovative solutions that enhance our quality of life.

Our Community is beautiful, well-planned and safe. Our unique environment provides us with diverse choices and ample opportunities for employment, education, recreation, housing and health and wellness.

As residents of British Columbia's first Regional Municipality, we are responsive to the needs of our residents, we encourage active public involvement and we proactively support inclusive and family-oriented decision making that balances cultural, social, environmental and economic needs in a collaborative and transparent manner.”

- Official Community Plan: Community Vision



Fort Nelson Downtown Revitalization Plan

Regional Council approved the Downtown Revitalization Plan at the October 10, 2023 Council meeting with the expectation that future projects and initiatives stemming from this plan come back to council for review prior to implementing. 

This plan intends to support long-range goal-setting, visioning and planning to improve the downtown’s livability and increase its attractiveness to new businesses, residents, and tourists. The Fort Nelson Downtown Revitalization plan breaks recommendations into three overarching concept objectives:

  • Non-Motorized Circulation including multi-use paths, pedestrian crossings, connectivity and downtown sidewalks.
  • Public Realm Enhancements including developing a community theme/identity, community gathering space, trees and landscaping, way-finding and interpretive signage, public art, and development and maintenance.
  • Vehicular Circular including intersection improvements, downtown streets, parking and vehicular way-finding signage.

Guiding Principles

Cultural Principles

This principle looks at the informal relationships, behaviours, history and shared traditions of the community. Culture includes knowledge, attitudes, feelings, ideas and values as well as the community's way of living.

Social Principles

Social principles refer to the life, welfare and relationships of residents in a community. Society is made up of people involved in formal groups for religious, educational, charitable, cultural, scientific, political, recreation, artistic or other interests.

Environmental Principles

Environmental principles are those related to the health, diversity and vitality of the community's ecology. The environment is the air, water, organisms and natural surroundings of a community. The principles describe how people interact with, and understand, the natural world.

Economic Principles

Economic principles are related to the careful management of the resources, finances, income and expenditure of a community, especially with a view to productivity, as well as the avoidance of unnecessary expenditure or waste. Principles promote collaboration and diversification.