Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

WANTED: Regional Health Advocate

The Regional Health Advocate will be tasked with advancing Council’s priority of ‘Achieving Equitable Access to Health Services’ for the residents of the Municipality. 

For more than a decade, the NRRM has experienced an erosion of health services as Health Authority and Provincial mandates have shifted to regionalize services to larger centers. As a result of the geographic isolation of the community, residents of the NRRM experience significant burdens in accessing health services including frequent long-distance travel, extended wait times for appointments, and a significant amount of referrals for services that residents in other communities do not. Adequate medical travel grant programs, transportation services, coordination of care, and enhanced technological solutions are just some prospects to mitigate the burdens, though few have shown marked progress for Fort Nelson residents. 

Council recognizes that in addition to the work occurring at the local level, achieving equitable access to health services requires an applied focus at the regional and provincial levels, and across the network of agencies that deliver health services. 

It is intended that the Regional Health Advocate will work directly with Council to develop and implement a strategy to influence policy development and service delivery at the regional and provincial levels while having an understanding and practical working knowledge of the unique challenges related to health services in the Northern Rockies.  Using their skills in engagement and building relationships across multiple levels, with an ability to build and strengthen a network of key partners and stakeholders, the proponent would have a history of supporting the development of rural community health services.

Proposals are invited through a competitive process until March 11, 2021.  For more information or to obtain a full package, please contact Jaylene MacIver, Corporate Manager at 

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