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Regional Health Advocacy Strategy

September 1, 2021

Northern Rockies Launches Health Advocacy Strategy

FORT NELSON – The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM) today released its Regional Health Advocacy Strategy aimed at achieving equitable access to health services for all residents of the region.

The NRRM is recognized provincially for its ongoing advocacy, planning and sustainment of health services in the region. The municipality sees this strategy as significant step forward to building a healthy and vibrant community.

The objective of the Regional Health Strategy is to positively engage with partners across the NorthernRockies and northeastern BC to create a network of advocates to advance the NRRM’s health service priorities. The NRRM’s advocacy efforts will focus concurrently on sustaining and growing local health services combined with developing regional coalitions to advocate for improvements to shared rural health service concerns in Northeastern BC.

“It’s important to change the tone of the conversation around health services in the Northern Rockies,” said Mayor Gary Foster. “We have an opportunity now to demonstrate a positive approach when working with Northern Health and other partners, to be part of the solution in achieving equitable access to health services in the Northern Rockies”, said Foster.

Key partners include the Fort Nelson First Nation, Northern Health, community agencies, business andindustry, as well as regional and provincial government bodies such as the First Nations Health Authority and Provincial Health Services Authority.

The Regional Health Advocacy strategy will focus on three priorities:
1. Health Provider Recruitment and Retention
2. Supporting Patient Transport
3. Enhancing Virtual Care

Focusing concurrently on these priorities improves clarity and effectiveness for the advocacy work, enabling the NRRM and its community and regional partners to have consistent and coordinated messaging when they are engaging with their various regional and provincial networks.

The NRRM will remain nimble to respond to new opportunities to sustain and grow local health services in addition to strengthening existing and new health and social care networks at the community and regional level.

The NRRM will implement the strategy in September with a community stakeholder forum and direct engagement with regional and provincial partners to advance the three priorities.

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Information Contact:
Jaylene MacIver, Corporate Manager
Northern Rockies Regional Municipality
P: 250.774.774-2541x2031


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