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Media Release: Northern Rockies Announces Development of 5-Year Tourism Strategy


Media Release

Northern Rockies Announces Development of 5-Year Tourism Strategy


FORT NELSON – The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality has initiated the process of developing a five-year Tourism Strategy, which will incorporate Covid-19 recovery measures, as a way to determine important next steps for the region's short- and long-term economic development. The creation of this Tourism Strategy will take into account the Northeastern B.C. Destination Development Strategy as well as additional existing provincial and regional tourism strategies, while also identifying the region’s unique positioning within those larger strategies. 


Bannikin Travel & Tourism, a Toronto-based consultancy specializing in sustainable tourism development, working in partnership with B.C.-based EM Adventure Marketing, was selected to facilitate this project based on their submission to a public Expression of Interest process. This project will include three (3) main phases:

  • Phase 1: Research, Consultation & Engagement
  • Phase 2: Analysis
  • Phase 3: Development of Tourism Strategy

The tourism industry has been a part of the region's economy since the construction of the Alaska Highway.  This industry, although not always fully recognized for its contribution, has provided many jobs and diversified income into the region.  The Covid-19 pandemic has put enormous strain on the tourism industry, but also provides an opportunity to reassess our tourism goals for the region and strategize the best and most appropriate steps to, not only recover but build a stronger, more resilient and developed tourist destination. 


This undertaking will engage both residents and tourism stakeholders throughout the process. More information, as well as regular progress updates and an engagement registration link, can be found by visiting


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More Information:

Krista Vandersteen, Regional Development Officer

P: 250.774.2541 ext. 2049


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