Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Work Underway: Crack Sealing July 15-22

Between Wednesday, July 15 and July 22, crack sealing will be underway on various roads within Fort Nelson. Please obey signage and traffic control persons and use an alternate route if possible. Thanks for your cooperation as we conduct this necessary maintenance.

49 Street

49 Avenue

47 Street

50 Ave S

49 Street

McLeod Road

Bulk Water Station

Cordova Way

50 Avenue S

Liard Street

52 Ave W

53 Street

43 Street

55 Street

Airport Drive

50 Ave S to 48 Ave



55 Street to 48 Street

51 Ave to Sunset Dr

Airport Dr to 50 St

1. Pump No. 1 pad 2. West side of building 3. North entrance

Highway intersection to 50 Ave S

Cordova Way to Woodlands entrance

Mountainview Dr to 50 St

Start at Simpson Trail (100 m. crack)

Liard St to Sunset Dr

From Airport Dr (200 m.)

From Airport Dr to 43 St

From connector toward town



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