Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Recreation Facility Restart Plan

The NRRM has been working to safely apply BC Restart Plan guidelines to local and regional programs, services and indoor and outdoor recreation facilities.  Anyone exhibiting symptoms is asked to remain home and not use public facilities—please protect yourself and others. For the most recent updates see the NRRM website at

Guided by WorkSafeBC following the Return to Operations Safety Plan

  1. Assess the Risk
  • Achieved through the completion of Risk Assessments

2. Implementation of safety measures to address identified hazards

  • –Elimination of hazard – Rearrange workspaces, schedules and tasks
  • –Substitution – Virtual delivery
  • –Engineered solution – Barriers
  • –Administrative controls – Rules and guidelines
  • –PPE – Last defence
3. Development of safety plans and Procedures
  • –Pulling all safety measures into plans for training and communication
4. Communication and Training
  • –Posting plans for workers to review and orienting them to the prevention measures in place
5. Monitoring the Workplace and Updating Plans as Necessary
  • –Evaluation of controls at regular intervals to identify areas that need attention and reassess

Timeline of Service Reopening

All dates are estimated and are based on the continued decline of COVID-19 cases in BC and will be in compliance with Public Health Orders.

See the Recreation Restart Plan presentation [PDF - 65 KB]

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