Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Work Underway: Sewer Line Trenchless Rehabilitation 2019

Please be advised that beginning Thursday, July 17, 2019, there will be disruptions to traffic and sewer services in various locations in Fort Nelson, as work is conducted on the 2019 Trenchless Sewer Rehabilitation Program. There may be alternating single-lane traffic between Thursday, July 17th – July 26th at the locations indicated in order to complete the work.

The subcontractor is Mar-Tech Underground Services Ltd. and they will be completing repairs to waste water (sanitary sewer) lines in Fort Nelson, using an innovative repair technique called Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) relining that restores the lines. The CIPP repairs minimizes the amount of excavation necessary, but there will be interruptions to sewer service - those affected will be given 48-hour notification of the exact times when they will be unable to use their sewer, beginning Monday, July 15th.

Due to this relining procedure we ask for your cooperation during these specified times. DO NOT RUN ANY WATER DOWN YOUR DRAINS - including toilets, sinks, dishwashers, laundry, showers or any other drains in your home. ****Use of drains may cause a backup of water into your home****




Wednesday July 17

Thursday July 18

Friday July 19

Saturday July 20

Sunday July 21

Monday July 22

Tuesday July 23

Wednesday July 24

Thursday July 25

Friday July 26


5-D-FLN / 6-D-FLN


3-S-FLN / 4-S-FLN
















PLEASE NOTE that from time to time there may be a “fiberglass-like” odor that may come in to your home from a dry floor drain. If this happens, pour 2 or 3 litres of water down the floor drain to fill the drain trap and prevent the odor from continuing to come into your home. If the odor persists you may want to open a window, or run a fan as you would if a strong cleaner was being used in a bathroom.   

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:


Dan Dao, Mar-Tech Underground Services Ltd

Cell: 604.916.5280

Office: 604.888.2223



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