Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Work Underway: Sewer Flushing

Sewer Main Flushing        Aug 22, 2019 – Sept 30, 2019

Please be advised that the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality is performing sewer flushing throughout Fort Nelson (in the areas identified in the below map) until the end of September.

Why do we conduct sanitary sewer flushing?

This preventative maintenance process is necessary to remove settled and accumulated material and to eliminate the potential for sanitary sewer main surcharging which can result in damage to property.

During this process, Northern Rockies staff will be setting up equipment at manholes in the roadway to release pressurized water through the sanitary sewer main pipe, removing any buildup. As a result, a bubbling and/or vacuum effect may be noticed in your drains and toilets. If you notice this activity occurring, it is recommended that you close all toilet seats and cover any floors drains during the flushing period. In addition, in order to prevent sewer gases from migrating into the home, it is important to refill all plumbing traps by running the water in your sinks and floor drains after the work is complete.

Should you experience other issues please contact the NRRM Public Works Department at 250-774-2541 ext. 2090.

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