Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Water Discolouration - Update

The NRRM has received several questions about discolouration in the community's treated water. Please be advised that the yellowish colour is a result of organic sediment which appears (precipitates) following the chlorination stage of the treatment process. Normally, simply running your taps for a period of time will run the discolouration out of your line. However in this instance, it is a result of the purification process itself.  Based on Northern Health Authority tests, the water is safe to drink and there has been no decline in water safety. 

The issue can be significantly more pronounced at the Bulk Water Station as the water sits and settles and the water pipes and then is then exposed to high flows which stirs up this sediment. The Bulk Water Station will be flushed on a regular basis daily to help reduce the discolouration issues at the station. Should you experience a high degree of discolouration, please call 250-500-1050 during regular hours, or if after hours, the water operator on call at 250-233-1170. 

The NRRM apologizes for any inconvenience. 

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