Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Vandalism at Demonstration Forest

Vandalism is a Crime


Municipal staff was conducting routine maintenance at the Demonstration Forest and uncovered a potentially hazardous electrical situation. Unknown persons removed locks from boxes attached to power poles and a “pigtail” device was connected to one. This unauthorized accessing of power is an extremely unsafe activity which poses a danger both to the perpetrators and other residents using the area for regular recreation. 

Repairs are underway and the boxes will be secured once again but we would like to point out the issue as it affects many people when damage is done to public property. Discourage those you see about to damage something. Report those who damage property. Protect our community from the few who choose to put others at risk and incur costs to taxpayers.



If you have information about the person(s) who were involved in this or any other act of vandalism to community property, you can report tips anonymously to the RCMP Crime Stoppers tip line at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or complete and submit the online tip form.

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