Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Rural Residents Weigh in on Zoning

Over the past couple of weeks, the NRRM has been engaging with stakeholders to better understand rural residents' thoughts on the Zoning Bylaw as it relates to Major Home-Based Businesses, Vehicle Storage and Parking.  In doing so, Planning staff have been visiting residents in the Rural West area to conduct interviews, as well as collecting feedback from others throughout rural residential and agricultural areas generally by way of a survey (online, phone or printed). 

If you are a rural resident and would like to share your thoughts on Major Home-Based Businesses, Vehicle Storage and Parking, there is still time to do so!  Please contact, or call (250) 774-2541 x 2042 for more information.

Once feedback has been collected, the results will be shared with Council along with options for Zoning Bylaw amendments that reflect the input received.

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