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Media Release: Northern Rockies Regional Connectivity Strategy


December 18, 2019


The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality is excited to announce the development of a Regional Connectivity Strategy as the starting point in a multi-step process aimed at improving internet speed and reliability in the region. A Regional Connectivity Strategy will help guide connectivity-related decisions to achieve greater well-being and economic benefits derived from connectivity.


From now until March 2020, the Regional Municipality, assisted by TANex Engineering Corporation, will take a comprehensive look into connectivity within the region to better understand our unique needs and develop the roadmap for a connected future.

The success of this project relies on participation from various stakeholders, including internet service providers, businesses, non-profits/community organizations, neighboring First Nations, government agencies and local residents. Community engagement has begun and there will be important opportunities to participate coming up, including surveys, interviews, and workshops. Updates will be posted regularly to the Northern Rockies website and Facebook page. Residents are encouraged to stay tuned and share their experiences.


 “Internet service has become an essential service over the past decade, and the Northern Rockies is setting out to ensure that residents have access to affordable and reliable options as one goal of the Regional Connectivity Strategy,” said Gary Foster, Mayor of the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality.


The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality has received funding to develop this strategy through the “Connecting British Columbia” program, administered by Northern Development Initiative Trust.

For more information:

Valerie Caden-Baptiste

Local Government Intern

P: 250.774.2541 ext. 2038



Mike Gilbert

Regional Development Officer

P: 250.774.2541 ext. 2043



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