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Media Release: Aspen Resource Investor Overview Released

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NRRM Releases Investor Overview Report Detailing

Northern Rockies Aspen: A Truly Unique Resource

The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM) has released an Investor Package Overview Report focusing on the Northern Rockies Aspen and Hardwood resource opportunities within the Regional Municipality. This has been part of a comprehensive Forestry Rejuvenation Initiative that has been ongoing since 2014. This report provides the latest information detailing the NRRM’s unique Northern Rockies Aspen forest resource as well as key elements of infrastructure within the community.

Fort Nelson, the heart of the NRRM, saw the closure of the two primary forest manufacturing facilities in 2008 due to the global economic crisis. This was followed by the market driven slow down in natural gas exploration and processing in 2013/2014. This situation has severely crippled the economic output of our region. However, the NRRM has not wavered in our proactive focus and marketing of the tremendous, healthy forestry resource within the Fort Nelson Timber Supply Area – the second largest TSA in BC. We expect to be one of the few TSAs in BC to see an uplift in its Annual Allowable Cut (AAC) this year. The NRRM is also poised to be home to the largest Community Forest in BC – an exciting partnership between the Fort Nelson First Nation and the NRRM.


This comprehensive Investor Overview Report was developed with generous funding from the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, BC Rural Dividend Fund Program, Northern Development Initiative Trust, FPInnovations (Vancouver) and the NRRM.


The NRRM is privileged to have partnered with FPInnovations, with their experience, knowledge and dedication, to demonstrate the value and quality of the region’s incredible Northern Rockies Aspen resource.


Copies of the report “Investor Package Overview Report: Northern Rockies Aspen / Hardwood Resources in Northeast BC” are available from the NRRM Regional Economic Development contacts below.

Information Contacts:

Mike Gilbert, Regional Economic Officer

P: 250.774.2541 extension 2043 



Jack Stevenson, Regional Development Officer

P: 250.774.2541 extension 2041


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