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Information Note: NRRM Action on Caribou Plans

Public Notice: NRRM Action on Caribou Restoration Activities

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Recently there have been a number of questions raised in the community about Caribou restoration efforts by senior levels of government.  This notice provides some background information on the Northern Rockies’ activities related to this issue. 

The NRRM has been actively and regularly engaged with the province, and to a lesser degree, with the federal government on the subject of Caribou Restoration since 2016. This interaction has focussed on Boreal Caribou, the dominant and distinct species in the region. Recent media coverage on the subject of Caribou Restoration in “northeast BC” often does not always make a distinction between the issue of Southern Mountain Caribou restoration to the south of the NRRM, and the situation in the Northern Rockies.

Restoration Activities

The Northern Rockies, as part of representing the interests of the Regional Municipality and its residents has:

  • Identified potential implications for the economy of the NRRM and raised the issue with FLNRORD (2016);
  • Through direct communication with ministers in the previous administration,  secured a commitment for “deep engagement” on the part of the Northern Rockies, in the development of a Boreal Caribou Restoration Plan;
  • Secured a re-commitment from the current provincial administration for the same level of engagement in planning for restoration;
  • Contracted the support of well-recognized professional scientific expertise to assist in a scientific analysis and discussions;
  • Had regular meetings with provincial representatives on the scientific and socio-economic bases and implications for a restoration plan;
  • Through discussion, managed to achieve modifications to a number of the province’s initial directions to restoration, in the interest of an approach which better seeks a balance between conservation and socio-economic values; and

Established and maintained a positive working relationship with the province focussed on arriving at a restoration plan that is mutually acceptable and workable.

Other Activities

In pursuit of a balanced solution the NRRM has also:

  • Provided comprehensive responses to provincial calls for comment on Caribou Restoration generally, and specific draft restoration plans and other calls for input;
  • Presented the Regional Municipality’s case and options for balanced solutions through media sources;
  • Engaged in advocacy through the North Central Local Government Association and the Union of BC Municipalities; and
  • With the support of the respected firm Stantec, produced a Economic Impact Study analysing and placing specific values on the potential economic impacts of a variety of options for restoration, and producing an overall evaluation of forestry in the Northern Rockies;

Going forward, the NRRM is continuing to communicate with senior levels of government on Caribou restoration efforts, and encouraging these governments to provide greater public engagement.

Additional information on the NRRM’s activities with regard to Boreal Caribou restoration can be viewed via the links below, or by contacting the NRRM’s Regional Development and Planning Department.

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Regional Development Officer


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Jack Stevenson

Regional Development Officer


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