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Garbage Collection Reminder

It’s that time of year again where hungry spring bears are searching for easy food sources, and there’s nothing quite as attractive as a bin that smells like garbage. Please remember:

  • Bins should be placed curbside between 5-8am on collection day and retrieved no later than 7pm
  • Bag waste before putting it in the bin
  • Keep bin lids closed when putting them out
  • Store bins securely
  • Discourage wildlife by keeping bins clean

Curbside Collection Flyer [PDF - 2 MB]

There’s been a question asked recently about why the municipality chose to purchase bins that were not designated “bear-proof.”

After a thorough comparison of various carts available,  the current bins were chosen for price, durability and the ability to be used with an automated collection system. At the time of purchase, the bins were about $58 each (plus taxes and freight) and a bear proof locking kit was about about $50 each installed which, in effect, doubled the cost. There were also technical issues reported by users of the locking devices - residents must remember to unlock the devices when placing them at the curb, or the momentum of the collection arm can potentially toss the entire cart into the truck. It was also suggested that more frequent collection, such as the current weekly pickup, was a more effective deterrent to wildlife than bear proof bins. For all of the aforementioned reasons (cost, ease of automated collection, efficacy), the decision was made to purchase the existing durable bins. You can view more background information on the December 9, 2013 Regional Council meeting agenda (Administration Report #123/13 and attachments).

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