Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Economic Survey Window Expanded

The development of a Regional Economic Strategy by the NRRM has sparked significant interest in the community and has attracted good participation from residents and businesses. Input from the Northern Rockies community is crucial to ensuring that all aspects of economic development and all sectors and interests are considered as the Strategy is developed.  

While response to date has been very good, in order to allow the greatest opportunity for those living, working and doing business in the Region to contribute to the discussion, the window for participation in the Community and Business Surveys has been expanded. Survey responses will now be received up to and including January 17th.

Community Surveys are available in hardcopy form at the Municipal Office and the Recreation Centre and can be completed online at: 


Links to the Business Survey have been distributed directly to prospective respondents. Any business operator or representative that would like to participae but that has not received an invitation can do so by contacting:

Mike Gilbert

Regional Development Officer

250.774.2541 ext 2043


Jack Stevenson

Regional Development Officer

250.774.2541 ext 2041

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