Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Bed & Breakfast - Did You Know?


To operate a Bed and Breakfast (B&B) or AirBnB in the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality you require a Business License. The annual fee is $40.00.

B&B’s are limited to residential properties and:

  • Are permitted in a Single Family Detached Dwelling and Modular Dwelling and shall be contained entirely within the principle building. A B&B is prohibited in a Duplex, Mobile Dwelling or any other Multiple Family Dwelling.
  •  Are limited to not more than three bedrooms accommodating not more than six persons at one time.
  • All parking of vehicles must be accommodated on the parcel containing the B&B operation.

 If you'd like more information, please call the Regional Planning department at 250.774.2541 ext. 2040.

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