Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

What to do with all those leaves?

The NRRM is conducting a Vermicompost Trial Project to determine if “worm composting” is a feasible method of diverting organic waste that is currently being landfilled. (Vermicomposting is the process where earthworms are used to break down organic waste matter into a nutrient-rich soil-like material known as vermicompost.)


We’d like to invite the public to participate! Beginning Saturday, September 29th, if you have materials from the categories listed below, bring them to the landfill during normal operating hours. You will be directed to a receptacle depending on the item.


There will be no tipping fees UNLESS you are also dropping off regular (non-vermicompostable) waste.


Unfortunately, we can’t accept food or animal waste this trial phase. There are three categories that can be accepted:


1. Leaves, grass clippings, garden leftovers: These must be bagged and must not include any other waste, such as pet feces.


2. Cardboard and paper, including newspapers: Cardboard must be flattened with all packing material removed. Paper and newspaper must be bagged or bundled or tied off with twine or string. Magazines cannot be accepted.


3. Unprocessed wood and brush under 3” in diameter: Wood that is pressure-treated, painted lumber or furniture containing resins and /or glues cannot be accepted.

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