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Thanks to all who attended the NCLGA AGM May 7-10

The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM) would like to thank everyone who attended the North Central Local Government Association (NCLGA) AGM and Convention this past week.


It was a pleasure to host such a varied group from across the northern portion of BC, and we hope to see you in our corner of the province again!


Each year at the AGM, resolutions from member communities are heard, and this year the NRRM was proud to present the following resolution which was adopted. This adoption means that the NCLGA will present the resolution to the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) Convention in September, 2018 where it will potentially gain the support of that organization as well.

Northern Resource Corridor Plan
Northern Rockies Regional Municipality
WHEREAS the economies of northern communities (as well as the wider economies of British Columbia and Canada) are closely linked to the ability of resource industry products to be transported from their source to export markets;
AND WHEREAS the transportation of natural resources is often challenged and impeded in routes that traverse large, urban centres:
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the NCLGA and UBCM lobby the Provincial and Federal governments todevelop a “Northern Resource Corridor Plan” to enhance and coordinate railway, road, pipeline and power infrastructure across northern BC with the goal of faster, safer and more cost effective resource transportation.
Natural resource industries are the economic backbone of Northern BC, and a sizable component of the greater Canadian economy. As many communities in the north recognize, without these industries our vibrant communities would erode and diminish. In addition to resource extraction, production and development, the ability to transport these resources from source to market is a key factor in an industry’s viability.
Unfortunately, the principle routes for shipping these resources in our province pass through large urban centres where many residents and activist groups are strongly opposed to the extraction of the resources, their transport through their communities or both. Protests, legal challenges and political action have delayed and impeded the proper flow of resources. It is concerning that these large urban centres are increasingly becoming choke points for the economies of resource-based communities.   To help avoid this hurdle and alleviate the concerns of residents in southern communities who do not wish to have these resources transported through their backyards, the above resolution proposes the development of a Northern Resource Corridor Plan bythe Federal and Provincial governments (as the agencies responsible for national and international trade). The goal of this plan is to more deliberately collaborate, enhance and develop resource transportation infrastructure (including roads, railways, pipelines, power transmission and ports) throughout north/central BC to better facilitate the movement of natural resources from BC and across Canada.
The strategy would, over time, shift key transport routes closer to the communities that understand and support the need to move these essential products to market. 

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