Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Property Maintenance Reminder

Fort Nelson is a great community and Regional Council urges all property owners to assist in keeping the community looking its best. 

Property Maintenance

In the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality, Property Maintenance Bylaw No. 12, 2009 establishes minimum standards for the maintenance of property in the community. These standards prevent private property within Fort Nelson from becoming unsightly by not permitting various unappealing situations to persist around properties. This benefits residents by keeping the community attractive, while reducing risks from pests, wildlife and fire.

The most common items prohibited in the bylaw are:

              • Noxious weeds, brush, or uncontrolled growth of vegetation, or grass over 30 centimetres (12 inches) in height
              • Rubbish, bottles, glass, vegetation clippings and animal droppings
              • Graffiti
              • Burning household garbage
              • Unsightly vacant land and/or structures

 If your property is exhibiting any of these issues, please address it as soon as possible.  Violations of the bylaw, if left unaddressed, may be subject to fines and other remedial actions. 

If you have any concerns about property maintenance in your neighbourhood, please contact the NRRM Bylaw Enforcement team at 250-774-2541 (ext. 2059). 

New Boulevard Maintenance Requirements

You may have seen the notices earlier this year noting that Regional Council amended the Property Maintenance Bylaw, to address inequities around boulevard maintenance in the community.  This amendment requires that all property owners maintain boulevards adjacent to their property (between paved roadways and private property).  

With the warm weather and the significant amount of rain our community has received this spring, grass and other vegetation is growing fast.  Please make sure to keep this vegetation trimmed (and be sure to remove any noxious weeds) on both your property and adjacent boulevards.

If you feel it would be unreasonable to maintain your boulevard (i.e. because of steep terrain or significant ditching) the recent amendment includes a clause that allows property owners to apply for an exemption from this maintenance requirement.  To request an exemption, please contact the NRRM Public Work Department at 250-774-2541 (ext. 2090).

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