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Pioneer Way Survey Activity

Pioneer Way Survey Activity

The NRRM has received several questions about survey activity in the Simpson Trail/Pioneer Way area. The surveying is part of a feasibility study that is being undertaken as part of the long-term capital plan that identifies a required increase in water supply to the Rural West area.


The Rural Water West Fire Flow Supply Improvements project is currently in preliminary stages and work is underway to consider options to increase water supply to the rural west area with the primary goal of enhancing the ability to provide sufficient flow to fire hydrants for fire suppression purposes. 

At this time, we are near completion of the feasibility study which considers route options using survey information and establishes cost estimates in order to confirm the best option(s) for increasing supply of water to the Rural West area.  The study explores multiple routes in order to establish the best, cheapest and most beneficial option.   

After the feasibility study is complete and a route is chosen, design work can commence. A completed design enables the Municipality to be ‘project ready’ which gives an additional benefit if a grant opportunity was to become available.


The Water Distribution Master Plan (2016) is a report that outlines the current state of the NRRM’s water distribution and supply systems.  This plan identified that the Rural Water West supply was insufficient to meet fire flow requirements and, in times of high demand, the domestic supply itself was at risk requiring the implementation of water restrictions for that area. 

The Master Plan identified this deficiency as a high priority relating to the water distribution system due to the fire flow and inability to provide for additional demands on the system.  A project to increase supply to the Rural Water West area was identified for 2025 in the 20 year capital plan.

The urgency to meet delivery of fire flow was increased with recent wildfire activity in our area, and particularly one that came close to interacting with residential and community infrastructure.  In addition, the NRRM was successful at acquiring two significant  grants in recent years to replace and renew needed infrastructure to provide water to the Airport and up-grade our wastewater treatment equipment.  These two grants provided the NRRM with financial relief resulting in the ability to react to the increased priority of fire flow to the Rural Water West area under the Infrastructure Development Contribution Agreement.


There were several options included in the study.  Options were identified to consider existing infrastructure, rights of ways, potentially cheapest routes and additional benefits.

Additionally, there has been a history of demand to expand the water service to the Fediw Subdivision.  In 2013, a feasibility report was prepared to provide water to residents in this area, however costs to provide these services were deemed prohibitive for residents, and the project did not advance.  Staff has continued to seek opportunities to provide this subdivision with water service, and recently applied for a grant specific to Fediw Subdivision water servicing.  Should this grant application be successful, the Simpson Trail route may prove to be more feasible given potential project efficiencies.

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