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NRRM Releases Report Providing Protection for Caribou & Forestry

 October 10, 2018   For Immediate Release 


NRRM Release Report that Provides Protection for

Boreal Caribou and Re-Establishment of a Forest Industry


The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM) today released a report that concludes that there are viable options that would strike a balance between the need for protection of boreal caribou habitat and timber harvesting opportunities needed to re-establish and sustain a wood products industry in the NRRM. The report from Stantec titled, Economic Impact of Boreal Caribou Habitat Recovery Measures in the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality is posted on the NRRM website.


The NRRM commissioned the report in response to potential boreal caribou habitat mitigation measures being considered by the Province of BC. Boreal Caribou are considered a ‘threatened species’ and the Province has worked for several years to develop a plan to protect more habitat and consider other measures aimed at increasing the number Boreal Caribou. The NRRM has worked with Provincial representatives to provide comments and feedback as boreal recovery plans have been developed in recent years. Northern Rockies determined that an economic impact assessment was required so that the economic aspects related to caribou recovery plans would also be fully understood. The NRRM has worked diligently to re-establish a wood products industry after processing mills in the community were closed a decade ago, resulting in the loss of hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in economic activity and local, Provincial and Federal tax revenue.


Mayor Bill Streeper says that “the Stantec Report shows what we have maintained all along, that there are workable options that would meet both conservation and economic goals. It’s not an either caribou or forestry situation, there’s a balance to be found. The NRRM sees these two scenarios as the ‘starting point’ for further discussion and consideration of a viable, balanced approach to help Boreal Caribou, and re-establish a sustainable forest industry in the NRRM. We plan to take this message to government, industry and other stakeholders in the weeks and months to come to support our ongoing efforts to achieve both objectives.”


The report also suggests that a moratorium scenario could effectively preclude a wood products industry from re-establishing in the NRRM.



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