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News Release: Federal Gas Tax Funds for a Regional Economic Strategy



March 14, 2018


Federal Gas Tax Strategic Priorities Funds for a New

Regional Economic Strategy in the Northern Rockies


The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM) has received an $82,500 grant from the Gas Tax Strategic Priorities Fund to develop a regional economic strategy.


 In May 2014, Canada, B.C. and the Union of B.C. Municipalities (UBCM) signed the renewed Gas Tax Agreement (GTA) to provide federal funding for local government infrastructure and capacity building projects. One of the key funding programs established through the GTA is the Gas Tax Strategic Priorities Fund, an application-based program available to local governments to support projects that align with the program objectives of productivity and economic growth, a clean environment and strong cities and communities.


The latest round of approvals announced Capacity Building Stream grant of up to $82,500 for the development of a regional economic strategy for the NRRM, which comes at a critical juncture in the municipality’s history. The previous economic strategy dated from before the NRRM’s amalgamation in 2009, and this funding will provide for a refreshed plan that incorporates the entire region (10% of the BC’s land-base) in its approach.


As a resource-based community, Fort Nelson and the NRRM has experienced cyclical periods of economic prosperity and significant decline.  The NRRM stands to benefit immensely from the engagement, analysis, planning and implementation of a sustainable community and economic development strategy. The strategy will pursue a three-pronged approach to guide future efforts.


1.     An Investment Readiness Assessment will examine the “investment-ready” status of the region, providing recommendations to get the NRRM on the international investment/site selector radar.
2.     An Economic Development, Investment and Marketing Strategy will research the current business and economic environment, perform community consultation and other analyses which will be used to develop a broad based regional strategy.
3.     An Economic Development Marketing Toolbox will provide guidance on the best tools and marketing efforts to fit the NRRM.


The NRRM is excited for this opportunity to ensure that our region is always ‘ready and open for business,’” says Mayor Bill Streeper, “With the funding this grant provides, we can continue to build on current strategies to support the growth of our local economy.”


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Province of BC News Release: B.C. Communities benefit from gas tax funding


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