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News Release: Community Forest Agreement Submitted




October 24, 2018   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

FNFN and NRRM Submit Fort Nelson Community Forest

Agreement Application


Fort Nelson Community Forest partners, Fort Nelson First Nation (FNFN) and Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM), are pleased to announce the submission of their Community Forest Agreement application to the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development (MFLNRORD) on October 15, 2018. The MFLNRORD minister invited a Community Forest Agreement application in March 2017, and the partnership has been engaging in months of significant research and analysis, as well as consultations within the communities.


The prospect of a Community Forest managed jointly by FNFN and the NRRM has been welcomed and endorsed by members of both communities. It is seen as a key element in the rebuilding of a sustainable forest sector that provides economic, social and cultural benefits to the region.


The Fort Nelson Community Forest (FNCF) is generally located within a 100-kilometre radius of Fort Nelson. The proposed CFA area is approximately 200,181 hectares in size with a timber harvesting land base (THLB) of approximately 92,014 hectares. While the recommended Allowable Annual Cut (AAC) of 217,650 m3 would make the FNCF the largest in British Columbia, this represents a very small component of the Fort Nelson Timber Supply Area. This AAC includes 185,000 m3 for the CFA in addition to a volume reservation of 32,650 mper year for BC Timber Sales (BCTS) to account for the overlap of the CFA with BCTS pricing units.


A formal approval to the Fort Nelson CFA application is expected from the MFLNRORD Regional Executive Director within the next 6 – 8 weeks. Once the Community Forest Agreement license is issued to the Fort Nelson Community Forest partners, they will coordinate forest management activities in accordance with the mission and vision created to guide development of this significant resource.

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Information Contacts:

Katherine Capot-Blanc

Dept. Lands & Resources Acting Director, FNFN

Phone: (250) 774-6313



Jack Stevenson

Regional Development Officer, NRRM

Phone: (250) 774-2541



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