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Grant-in-Aid Deadline January 31

Please note that the grant-in-aid application deadline for the 2nd Quarter (Apr-Jun) is January 31, 2018.T

The Grant-in-Aid program was established to provide Regional Council a means to provide financial assistance to individuals, groups, and organizations planning programs and events for the Community.

Grant-in-Aid Policy has been prepared that outlines funding eligibility.

Application Process:

In order to facilitate the fair and timely processing of requests for a Grant-in-Aid all applications must be submitted in writing to the Corporate Services Department using the GIA Application Forms and providing a clear, detailed budget showing anticipated revenues and expenses.

Please note, that as of 2016, GIA requests can now be submitted at any time but will only be considered quarterly.

Quarterly intakes:  Deadline for applications is 60 days prior to the Quarter the event is scheduled to be held:

  • 1st Quarter (Jan-Mar) Oct 31
  • 2nd Quarter (Apr-Jun) Jan 31
  • 3rd Quarter (Jul-Sep) Apr 30
  • 4th Quarter (Oct-Dec) Jul 31
As funding permits, assistance will be considered based on the following priorities:
    1. Youth Programs/events
    2. Seniors programs/events
    3. Programs/events with a clear benefit to disadvantaged members of the community
    4. Programs/events designed to improve economic, social and/or environmental well-being of the community

There must be a demonstrated financial need to justify the request. Individual Grant-in-Aid allocations will be to a maximum amount of $1,000 and shall be for no more than one third of the anticipated total cost of the event/program. Please Note: Applications will NOT be considered for commitments or expenses incurred prior to approval of the grant.

Applications will be considered only for non-profit organizations operating within the community or contributing to the general interest, health and/or welfare of the community in its entirety.

For more information or assistance with the application process, please see the Grant-in-Aid Policy or contact the Corporate Services Department at 250-774-2541.

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