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Coming Changes to Property Maintenance Bylaw

Why change the Property Maintenance bylaw?

Property Maintenance Bylaw No. 12, 2009 establishes standards for the maintenance of an orderly appearance in the community. These standards can aid in preventing private property within Fort Nelson from becoming unsightly, by not permitting various noxious or offensive matters to accumulate in and around properties. This benefits residents by keeping the community visually appealing, while reducing fire risks.

Currently the Bylaw does not regulate the boulevards that are adjacent to private properties (between paved roadways and private property). While many residents and businesses take it upon themselves to look after these “boulevard parcels” as an extension of their private property, in other areas the Municipality maintains the boulevards at public expense.

Without any overarching policy or bylaw direction, there is not an equitable means to address this concern.  Regional Council recognized these issues and requested that a bylaw amendment be drafted for review.

What do we hope to accomplish?

By amending the Property Maintenance Bylaw, the current inequity can be addressed between property owners, some of whom are required to maintain boulevards while others are not. In most other communities, property owners are responsible for boulevard maintenance and the NRRM will recognize operational efficiencies through the formation of consistent regulation.

The proposed amendment will includes a clause that allows property owners to apply for an exemption from this maintenance requirement, as there may be instances where it is unreasonable for a property owner to maintain specific boulevards given their configuration.

What’s next?

All property owners with parcels adjacent to areas currently maintained by the NRRM have been identified. As these owners are directly impacted by the amendment, they will be notified by mail during the last half of January 2018. 

Notice of the amendment will be advertised in the Fort Nelson News, as well as on the NRRM website and Facebook page in January. Residents with questions or comments are encouraged to contact the Municipality, prior to the February 13th Regional Council meeting, where the amendment will be presented for consideration.  PRINT VERSION [PDF - 82 KB]

Need more information?

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact:

Richard Roy, Planner

P:  250.774.2541 Ext. 2042


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