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2018 Budget Process - Public Engagement

Every year the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM) reviews and approves a budget that sets the tax rates to fund important services to the community.  Regional Council has begun its review of the 2018 municipal budgets and this process includes the opportunity for you to provide your feedback on how your tax dollars are collected and spent. 

2018 Preliminary Budget

At the January 31st Special Regional Council Meeting, Regional Council reviewed a preliminary budget document and approved its use to facilitate a public conversation on the NRRM’s budget priorities.

The preliminary budget assumes as its starting position, maintaining service levels that were provided in 2017.  The required municipal levy (the amount the NRRM charges through taxation) to maintain these services in 2018 is $1.2M less than last year’s ($21,768,600 in 2018 vs. $22,983,290 in 2017).

You can review the preliminary budget documents, which provide a detailed break-down of the NRRM’s funding, on the NRRM webpage, along with a companion presentation which helps explain the documents and highlight key take-aways.  More information will also be added to the webpage as the budget process proceeds.

This preliminary budget is not a final document, nor has Regional Council made any final decisions on the 2018 budget.

Opportunities for Public Feedback

Regional Council encourages public feedback on the preliminary budget and written comments and suggestions that you would like Regional Council to consider will be accepted throughout the engagement process.  Also, if you have any questions on the budget or municipal services, please do not hesitate to email/phone/visit the Municipal offices.

A public open-house, where Council and staff will be available to answer your questions and discuss budget priorities, will also be a part of this year’s budget feedback process. This open-house is tentatively scheduled for the February 22nd, but stay tuned in the near future for more information on this event.

Next Steps

After the public engagement process is completed, Regional Council will review the feedback received and give additional direction on enhancing the budget.  Using this direction, Regional Council will review a final 2018 budget proposal at a meeting tentatively scheduled for Saturday, March 17th.  Once approved, the budget is then used to establish the 2018 Tax Rates and Five Year Financial Plan Bylaws.

More information?

For more information, please visit the 2018 Budget Engagement Page on the Northern Rockies website or email

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