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Request for Proposals-Council Chambers Audio


Request for Proposals

Bear Pit Council Chambers Audio/Video

Distribution System

The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality is inviting proposals for the supply and installation of an audio system in the Council Chamber which ensures that meeting attendees, both in person and via teleconference, are heard and can clearly hear others. The system needs to provide flexibility and choices in how the meeting is run, allowing for open, free form discussions as well as those with structured speakers lists that can be dynamically adjusted.


The system must be intuitive enough that Mayor and Council can run meetings without requiring technical staff to be present. Additionally, the system must be able to provide reliable high-quality audio recordings of meetings as well as be positioned to work with other media types.


RFP documents may be obtained from the NRRM municipal office, BC Bid website or the NRRM website at


Closing Date: Thursday, December 21, 2017

Closing Time: 2:00 PM Local Time


Contact Person:

Rob Blain, Technological Services Manager

Phone: 250-774-2541 ext. 2071



For more information see our RFP and Tenders webpage.

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