Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

NRRM 2016 Reports Available


Council Adopts 2016

Statement of Financial Information

and 2016 Annual Report

The Statement of Financial Information (SOFI) for the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality must be prepared in accordance with Chapter 140 of the Financial Information Act. It contains a statement of assets and liabilities, operational statement, schedule of debts, schedule of guarantee and indemnity agreements, schedule showing remuneration and expenses paid to or on behalf of employees and schedule showing payments for suppliers of goods or services. The SOFI report must be made available for public viewing by June 30 each year and be accessible for the following three years. 

2016 Statement of Financial Information • Previous Years


The Annual Municipal Report is another local government accountability requirement that must be prepared in accordance with the Community Charter and made available to the public before June 30 each year. The report provides information on the financial position and results of operations. This report must state the goals and objectives of the local government for the coming year and demonstrate progress towards achievement of the preceding year's goals and objectives. The report must also include a set of audited financial statements. The NRRM annual report was presented at a public meeting on Tuesday, June 26, 2017.

2016 Annual Report (PDF) • Previous Years  

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