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News Release: NDIT Making Possibilities Reality


Northern Development InitiativeTrust

Making Possibilities Reality in the Northern Rockies


FORT NELSON, BC –The Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT) has been an invaluable source of funding for projects in the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM), serving to lighten the load on the region’s taxpayers.


The support of the NDIT has enabled the Municipality to make great strides toward its mission to re-establish the forest industry within the NRRM. The Trust has funded a large part of the Forestry Rejuvenation Strategy, including a carefully planned sequence of forestry research, aspen fibre sampling and business case development (Maximizing the Economic Returns from Aspen Forests project). While not a precise fit for the NDIT’s established funding programs, expressions of interest for the phased project garnered support from the NDIT board, supplying close to $70,000 toward the NRRM’s forestry rejuvenation efforts.


NDIT funding received in 2017 includes:

Vermicomposting Pilot Project           

$ 41,916

Poplar Hills Golf Course – New Cart Shed & Patio Furniture


Northern Lamplighters Upgrades


Snowmobile Club Safety Cabin


Love Fort Nelson Marketing Fund


Economic Development Capacity Building


Business Façade Improvement Program


Grant Writer Program


Aspen Market Analysis & Business Case Development


Total 2017 Funding:


“Together with the Northern Development Initiative Trust, the Northern Rockies is working to build a stronger economy for the north and its residents,” said NRRM Mayor Bill Streeper.


“Northern Development is very proud to have partnered with the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality on some great projects this past year. Our flexible programming and responsive approach to community development has spurred diversification efforts and assisted with fast-tracking economic recovery efforts in Fort Nelson, an area that’s been hard hit in recent years,” said NDIT CEO, Joel McKay.



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