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February 23, 2017


Northern Rockies Regional Municipality on the BC Boreal Caribou Implementation Plan


FORT NELSON – The Boreal Caribou Implementation Plan (BCIP) has been a key focus for the NRRM’s efforts on the Forestry Rejuvenation Project (FRP) given its potential impact on the re-establishment of a forest industry in the Regional Municipality. The BCIP in both its February 2016 form, and as it currently exists, would alienate a significant volume of high-quality, commercially desirable timber from harvesting, and render an industry restart very difficult.

To this end, while acknowledging the legal obligation of senior government to protect Boreal Caribou under the federal Species at Risk Act (SARA), NRRM effort has been expended to encourage a solution that strikes a balance between environmental and socio-economic values. The NRRM has experienced some difficulty in doing so as a result of a seeming lack of commitment to a fair engagement process by those in charge of the project.

Given the environmental and biological technically complex nature of the BCIP, the NRRM also needed to recruit professional assistance. A number of prominent authorities disqualified themselves from the exercise citing a perceived conflict of interest related to their ongoing sponsored involvement on a number of related projects. The NRRM was eventually fortunate to secure the services of Michael Preston, representing Stantec Ltd.

The following timeline has been prepared as an update on the status of the Province’s Boreal Caribou Implementation Plan (BCIP) as it relates to the Northern Rockies.  Please click here to view/print the entire document [PDF - 334 KB]



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